About Us

"Our company history began in 1993 with the foundation of the former Wendland & Partners Industry Consulting in Königsbrunn near Augsburg. In 2006, today's iwp Consulting Group AG changed its name to iwp Consulting Group AG at Cologne Local Court by registration in the local register. We solve entrepreneurial challenges. This can begin with the development of tailor-made strategies and continue through to the concrete development of markets and the acquisition of new customers by us. Practical implementation and operational cooperation are one of our strengths. We are happy to take over the search, selection, auditing and qualification of employees or the use of interim management. Our strategic reviews of the company as a whole or analyses in individual specialist areas such as sales, purchasing or assessments in the personnel environment benefit from an improved position determination. Status analyses provide investors and capital providers with a quick, neutral overview of the entire company. They enable the reliable identification of change requirements and feasibility. Thus, nothing stands in the way of a sensible retention of the tried and tested and the professional treading of new paths. Here, too, we are involved from A to Z, thus conserving your resources at the same time. The acquisition of equity and outside capital as well as assistance in the search for and acquisition of investors represent a further field of competence. In addition to our core business, we ourselves are also active in the field of alternative mobility. Especially in the field of renewable energies we are a sought-after investment partner, business developer and active investor. In close cooperation with universities, private research institutes, innovative companies and relevant personalities, we have acquired a sound knowledge base in recent years. Our focus is on alternative mobility and the requirements for the production and marketing of 100% renewable, synthetic fuels. Here we are involved as an active consortium partner and assume key entrepreneurial functions. The objective is to create an energy system transformation that is also judicious from the economic point of view. At the same time the necessary infrastructure needs to be established."


Volker Wendland - CEO - iwp Consulting Group Aktiengesellschaft