What makes our consultancy unique and different from others? We use an idea that revolutionized the automobile industry 100 years ago. The decomposition of complex processes into smallest process units. We have re-invented this idea to our own consulting methods, services and processes. In a nut shell as a result it drastically improves our projects concerning innovation, predictability and quality of the outcome. Same time it decreases cost, risk and dependencies for our clients significantly. Get our second opinion in determining your status quo. We support also the  implementation of growth and optimization goals actively. Our consulting method ensures you predictable, reliable and profitable project results and a successful business expansion. This is particularly important if the company is in a crisis situation or near to it. In these cases the room for manoeuvre is very limited and possibly subject to the rules and demands of third parties such as banks, administrators and courts. What counts here is speed, overview, reliability, precision on a vital scale for the future of the company. In these cases our approach does not only pay off as usual. It will be the key to safe the company.